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Volunteers in Virginia Stock Trout

leah kirk

 The Fishing Wire, Complementary Work Force (CWF) volunteers will suffer just about any inconvenience to make sure you have plenty of trout available all through the trout stocking season, October through May. The winter, it can be downright brutal when temperatures drop to single digits and the icy winds are blowing strong. Even snow covered banks and ice covered rocks don't deter these hard working folks from delivering nets full of sassy trout to their new home. Making several dozen round trips from the stocking truck to put trout in the best fishing holes can also leave a volunteer out of breath, sore legged and wet footed at the end of a day.

That sounds like enough possible troubles to send any potential future volunteer running for the hills. But there is more to consider. Just seeing hundreds of fat, healthy trout in one day is pretty nice too. Wouldn't be able to see that otherwise. One of the finest rewards for our efforts is a heartfelt "thank you" from bystanders that appreciate and understand what we are doing for them. Truth is, it's far worth the little inconveniences to know we've served the public and the fisheries well.