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Woodchuck Special

leah kirk

With all of the new trout catching fly patterns coming out every day, it’s pretty easy to forget some of the tried and true older patterns. One of my favorites is the Woodchuck Special. It was created by Peter Frailey of Massachusetts, which is pretty obvious as were a southern creation, it would be the Whistle Pig Special. Frailey’s Woodchuck Special takes advantage of the combination of guard hairs and underfur to create not only a translucent silhouette, but amazing movement as well.  The orange hackle compliments the golden tones of the woodchuck fur, and the gold body gives a warm flash to tie the illusion together.  Top it off with a nice yellow head, and the result is a simple, pure, work of art

Hook:                    Mustad 3665A, #6-8, or other streamer hook

Thread:                  Danville's Prewaxed 6/0, yellow

Tail:                       orange hackle fibers

Body:                    fine gold tinsel

Ribbing:                fine gold wire

Wing:                    woodchuck hair

Collar:                   orange