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Brookings Offering Cabin Fever Therapy

leah kirk

Now that you have your family holiday obligations be you, are you feeling a bit cooped up? This time of year one of the great things about not living in Yankeeland or in the blizzard-beating western states, is the South’s unbelievably great winter fly fishing for trout. Matt Canter and Roger Lowe at Brookings in Cashiers, North Carolina feel your pain. Brookings is offering specially priced therapeutic fly fishing trips many will want to partake of during this cabin fever epidemic. 

“January 1st-February 28th we will be offering Float Trips for $350,” says Canter. “We aren't discounting these trips because the fishing is lousy. Winter fishing in North Carolina is one of the favorite times of the year for a lot of our seasoned guides.  No crowds to compete with, and the fish eat best right in the middle of the day.  If you've never tried it, this is a good reason to.”

Brookings is also offering winter Striper / Hybrid Bass Fishing with Brookings Guide Harrison Beckwith.  This is a very unique fishing experience, and is a ton of fun. Harrison will be running half day trips. For $350.  Lake Hartwell is the location, where a South Carolina fishing license is required.  Fly fishing is an option for experienced fly casters, and fishing with tackle is available to the whole family.

For more info call 828-743-3768; the doctors are in.