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STM Likes the New Idaho Catch & Release Records Program

leah kirk

Idaho's new catch-and-release records have been popular since the program launched on Jan. 1. with more than 55 entries so far. There are still opportunities to set a record no one can ever beat, and that's getting a "first" into the record book.


Fishing Idaho Fishing Records

  • Certified Weight Records
  • Traditional records of Idaho fish measured using a certified scale.
  • Program Guidelines
  • View Idaho's certified weight fish records


How to Apply

  • All applicants must submit:
  • A completed Record Fish Application Form, which includes the legal signature of one witness to the weight.
  • A receipt from a certified scale documenting the weight.
  • Verification of species and by Idaho Fish and Game.
  • At least one photo of the fish with the angler and 2 or 3 of the measuring process.


Catch-and-Release Records

  • Catch-and-Release records for Idaho fish released alive.
  • Program Guidelines
  • View Idaho's catch and release fish records.


General Record Guidelines

  • To be eligible for a state record, all of these must be true.
  • The fish was caught by the holder of a valid Idaho fishing license
  • The fish was caught using legal methods
  • The fish was not caught during salvage season
  • The fish was caught in Idaho
  • The fish was caught in publicly-accessible water
  • The fish was not caught at pay-to-fish facility
  • All applications must be submitted within 30 days of the catch date