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White River Brow Trout Spawn Update

leah kirk

Leviathan class brown trout residing in the White River have responded to nature’s call to procreate in mass on the flow’s shoals. An incalculably valuable resource, successful reproduction is “money the bank” for the Southern fly fishing fraternity. Local reports of big sow browns on the “redds” are very encouraging.

To ensure brown trout spawning success the following areas are under special season regulations. These include the Shoals Bull Shoals Catch-and-Release Area which is located from 100 yards below Bull Shoals Dam to the upstream boundary of Bull Shoals White River State Park. This section of the river is catch-and-release Feb. 1-Oct. 31, (and closed to fishing Nov. 1-Jan. 31 downstream to the wing dike at the Bull Shoals White River State Park Trout Dock).

                Additionally, the Rim Shoals Catch-and-Release Area (near Cotter, which is immediately above mouth of Jenkins Creek to the first electric power line downstream) and the Monkey Island Catch-and-Release Area (located from the upstream end of Monkey Island to Moccasin Creek) is under similar restrictions. In these areas trout must be released immediately. Only artificial lures or flies may be used (natural or scented baits are not allowed). All hooking points must be barbless. Chumming is not allowed, nor fishing from 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise.