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Featured Fly: Davy Wotton Shad

leah kirk

Winter shad kill on lakes upstream from tailwater trout rivers in Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia are great news for fly fishermen. Lots of protein rich food is release into tailwater rivers and it does not go unnoticed by the biggest trout in these rivers. Davy Wotton’s Shad is tops for taking advantage of this feeding bonanza. It’s a dead ringer for distressed shad emerging from the turbines of a dam.

Hook:                    Pencil popper hooks – 2/0, 1, 2, 4

Thread:                006 monofilament

Lead wire:         .25 or .30 or (unweighted to stay on the surface)

Inner body:       Wing-n-flash / dubbed around the shank

Outer body:        Flexi – cord ¼ any color you desire. Pearl and pearl silver are the popular ones.

Gills:                      Dave Whitlock SLF minnow gill

Eyes:                      5/16”, 1/4 “