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Don Says: My health is always better in November

leah kirk

“My Health Is Always Better in November,” a classic hunting volume penned by Havilah Babcock, best describes how energized I feel this month. ST “Ozark Edition” Magazine went out only ten days late. Like every new project we’ve embarked on over the last five years, it took more work and time to launch than was budgeted for it. We’re blessed to get out the first issue and without bragging, add that the premier issue is decent enough—“light years”  ahead of STM’s first year design/format.

Next week Southern Kayak Fishing’s 2017 Buyers Guide goes out. This project has been a bear that just seems to have no end. The designed pages that I’ve been allowed to see look great, but completing this project has been like trying to kill a vampire when the blood sucker sees you approaching with a wooden stake in hand. The consensus here is that there’s got to be an easier way to lose money trying putting together a buyer’s guide.

Changing gears--it looks like North American Bear Hunter Magazine will premier January 1, 2017. Bill Vaznis, former owner of Bear Hunter Online Magazine, is the editor. Bowhunters reading this probably are familiar with this New Yorker.  Frankly, he is the top bear hunting writer in the country.  We’ve been dazzled with the articles he’s already sent in for design.

It’s been quite a spell since I dispatched a bear to the hereafter, something I really got into in the 1980s. Haven’t shot a bruin since Brock Ray and I nearly got killed on a 1999 Labrador hunt. Prayed that if I made it home alive from that trip I would not go back armed to the Great White North. We made it home okay, and I’ve kept my end of the bargain, although I still hold a grudge against bears for what they did to Granny Kirk. NABH will be a fun, content rich publication that will be candy to hunters with unresolved bear issues.

Nothing much else going except to say Ragan Whitlock is the new editor of our Southern Kayak Fishing Magazine, Jimmy Jacobs has a detailed “go ahead” blueprint for the late winter launch of Southern Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine, and that I have heard unconfirmed rumors of us doing some sort of survivalist magazine.