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Virginia Delay Harvest Season Open

leah kirk

Between now and May 31, a number of trout streams in Virginia are under Delayed Harvest regulations. Fishing on these waters is limited to only artificial lures/flies. All fishing is catch-and-release only; no trout may be in your possession while fishing these waters.


Accotink Creek

Fairfax County  

That portion of stream from King Arthur Road downstream 3.1 miles to Route 620 (Braddock Road). Primary access is via the FCPA Wakefield Park facility off Braddock Road.


Back Creek

Bath County      

That portion of stream from the Rt. 600 Bridge just below the Virginia Power Back Creek Dam downstream 1.5 miles to the Rt. 600 Bridge at the lower boundary of the Virginia Power Recreational Area. Take Route 39 west from Warm Springs to Mountain Grove, then right on Route 600 for 6 miles.

Chestnut Creek


Carroll County  

That portion of stream from the U.S. Rt. 58 Bridge downstream 11.4 miles to the confluence with the New River. The stream parallels the New River Trail State Park, and parking is available at state road crossings and at the trail head in Galax. In addition to the state park, many private landowners have made this program possible and anglers should be sure to respect adjoining private property.


Hardware River

Fluvanna County             

That portion of stream from the confluence with the James River upstream 3 miles to Muleshoe Bend as posted. This section is located within the Hardware River WMA and is accessed by taking Route 6 east from Scottsville then turning right onto Route 611 to the Kidd’s Mill Road parking area. To access the eastern portion of the WMA, continue east on Route 6 and turn right onto Route 646.


Holliday Creek  

Appomattox/Buckingham counties         

That portion of stream from the Rt. 640 crossing downstream 2.8 miles to a sign at the headwaters of Holliday Lake. This section is located completely within the Appomattox/ Buckingham State Forest that can be accessed by taking Route 24 north out of Appomattox to Route 626. Anglers should turn onto Routes 640 or 614 to access a series of foot trails to the stream that have been developed by the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF). A State Forest Use Permit is now required by the VDOF for anyone 16 years and older.


Holmes Run       

Fairfax County  

That portion of stream from the Lake Barcroft Dam downstream 1.2 miles to a sign posted at the Alexandria City line. A fairly good trail follows (and sometimes crosses) the stream from the parking lot off Columbia Pike (Route 244).


North Fork of Pound and Pound rivers   

Wise County     

That portion of the streams from the base of North Fork of Pound Dam downstream to the confluence with Indian Creek. Access is available at the North Fork of Pound Dam and at parking lots within the town of Pound.


North River

Augusta County

That portion of stream from the base of Elkhorn Dam downstream 1.5 miles to a sign posted at the head of Staunton City Reservoir. This is a remote section of stream that can only be reached by foot trail. Access is available by parking at Elkhorn Lake and following the trail along the lake to the spillway.


Passage Creek  

Warren County

That portion of stream from the Shenandoah/ Warren County line downstream approximately 1 mile through the Department’s Front Royal Fish Hatchery. This section is immediately downstream of the area that has historically been stocked under the put-and-take program. Parking is available on Forest Service lands adjacent to Route 678 or on Department lands adjacent to Route 619.


Peak Creek        

Pulaski County 

That portion of stream from the confluence of Tract Fork downstream 2.7 miles to the Rt. 99 Bridge. Approximately 1 mile of this section is in downtown Pulaski.


Pedlar River       

Amherst County              

That portion of stream from the City of Lynchburg/ George Washington National Forest boundary line (below Lynchburg Reservoir) downstream 2.7 miles to the boundary line of the George Washington National Forest (southeast of Buena Vista). The U.S. Forest Service and the Department have cooperated in the development of three access sites to the river located along FS 39 off Route 607.


Roanoke River  

Roanoke County and City of Salem          

There are two delayed harvest sections located on the Roanoke River near Roanoke. The first section is located within Green Hill Park in Roanoke County and was established in 2001. The newest section is located within the City of Salem and was established in 2003. The Green Hill Park section is easily found off Route 11/460 west of Salem and stretches from the Route 760 Bridge (Diguids Lane) upstream 1 mile to a sign posted at the upper end of the park. It is best to access the stream from the park side of the stream, and anglers are encouraged to use the parking areas provided. The Salem section is located along Riverside Drive and stretches from the Colorado Street Bridge downstream approximately 2 miles to the Route 419 Bridge. This section is most easily accessed from the Riverside Drive side of the river.

South River

Augusta County

That portion of stream from Second Street Bridge upstream 2 miles to the Wayne Street Bridge in the City of Waynesboro.