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Featured Fly: Articulated Wooly Worms

leah kirk

Articulate streamer are quite popular these days. In a nutshell it is a two hook streamer with the trailing hooked connected to the lead hook with thick monofilament line. Articulated Wooly Worms are identical, except they are not streamers (although many fly fishermen present them “streamer style”). You can use the recipe below, or assimilate your favorite wooly worms’ pattern. One word of caution, though, some artificial only stream regulations specifically say “single hook flies or lures.” While you might convince yourself that the second hook is merely a very, very short dropper, odds are the person wearing a badge will say you are casting a two-hook fly. You will not win this argument. 


Hook:                    Front #10; Back #12 

Thread:                 Black 6/0

Tail:                        Burnt Orange Brown & Golden Yellow marabou (1X hook length)

                 Monoflash Pearl #202

Body:                    Brown or gray tone dubbing

Weight:                 Lead wire (under cone) and 3/16 gold cone head

Hackle:                 Brown and Yellow Saddle Hackl