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Featured Fly: Black Beauty Midge

leah kirk

The Black Beauty Midge is a popular cool/cold weather, western fly pattern that has made its way East with surprisingly little fanfare. The pattern was created to imitate a midge pupa, a common trout staple this time of year, especially tailwaters. It’s a very basic, easy-to-tie pattern that has many variations as you have colors of tread. Black or red or purple, they all are effective on many of southern trout streams and rivers. Midges are small in size (tied on #18 - #28 hooks), but trout eat large numbers of these little larvae. Think small when using a Black Beauty Midge, as the “smaller the hook size, the bigger the bite” will be from trout.

Hook:                    TMC 2487, 2488 or 101 in sizes 18- 24

Thread:                 8/0 Uni-Thread, Black (Black UTC 70 Denier for flies size 22 or larger)

Abdomen:           8/0 Uni-Thread, Black

Ribbing:                Fine copper wire

Thorax:                 Black beaver, rabbit, or Fine and Dry dubbing