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How things are done and get done here are different than in most other places. For better or worse, we are very open and consider our readers as stakeholders. We have always communicated openly with you, and know quite a few of you quite well.

Our mission is two-fold; providing readers with valuable content that is unavailable elsewhere while providing advertisers with the best, most affordable platform for reaching our highly specialized readership. We bring a very loyal readership to the table and are very selective in the advertisers permitted access to them.  We currently provide all popular internet platforms that allow the accurate tracking of traffic.

April marks the 7th anniversary of our flagship title, Southern Trout. However, this month marks its beginning. Currently, STM has just over 40,000 subscribers that were all organically acquired. For a number of reasons, we have never had internet subscriber campaigns. The ultimate goal is 150K and we may achieve that through traditional means in the future, but for now, it has been all organic. Over its course, STM has had over 100 contributors. It has remained true to its credo; All-South, All Trout, All the Time. It has remained free, something that will not change...



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Your convenient outdoor store right in Pickens, SC.

Your convenient outdoor store right in Pickens, SC.